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Our mission is to inspire, encourage, and celebrate people everywhere.

I became interested in photography as a young parent, as many people do. We all want to celebrate every phase of our child’s life with pictures and that’s what I did. I captured as many of the “firsts” in her life as I possibly could. Once I got started, I liked the pictures that I got, but decided to move up to a better camera to see if I’d get even better results. So I invested in my first 35 mm camera and found it to be a bit more complicated than the point and shoot camera I’d been using. I decided to take a photography class. So, over the years, in addition to taking pictures of my daughter, Rachelle, I found myself interested in trying to capture on film, some of the beauty of God’s creations. I love nature. I’m captivated by what God does with flowers and trees and water. He uses color, light, texture, symmetry and pattern to create masterpieces of exquisite beauty. I find myself somewhat disappointed with my photos in that I am never able to even come close to capturing with the camera, what I see with my eye. But I always keep trying! Whenever I‘d see a really beautiful landscape, I would think, “If I could capture this scene in a card and share it with someone, it would be inspiring and uplifting for them to receive."  I had that thought many times. It would remain tucked away in the back of my mind for many years while I was busy being a wife, raising a daughter, and working at a career in education. One day after I retired from that career, I was sitting on my porch admiring and enjoying a beautiful summer day and doing my daily devotion. The Lord brought that thought which had been lying dormant in the back of my mind, right up front! He began to remind me of some of my favorite verses of Scripture. He brought to mind some of my favorite hymns that I’d been singing in church since childhood! Then I thought of some of my favorite nature photos. My Bible was close at hand and I began to write out some Scriptures. Another day, I got a hymnal and began looking up some of those hymns. Another day, I brought out my laptop and began searching the collection of photos I had accumulated. Gradually, over the summer, I began to match pictures and Scriptures. I matched pictures and hymns. By the end of that extraordinary summer, I had put together designs for twelve note cards. I printed out drafts of those designs and shared them friends and family to see what they thought. With the urging of those friends and family, those 12 designs became the initial product line of Spirit Sent, Inc., the name that came in the middle of the night to my daughter, Rachelle. Later, she phoned me with another God idea that the note cards should be called “Grace Notes” and so they are. That was the beginning!
About Our Products
I attempt to capture whatever I see in nature that makes me catch my breath and say, “Wow, I like that!” Hoping that others will enjoy what I saw, I use those photos to create note cards. Note cards to inspire, to encourage, to celebrate the joy in life. Our products are printed in the U.S., using American made papers and supplies.
Grace Notes
Beautiful landscape and flower photos are paired with inspiring words of scripture and hymns to makes note cards for any occasion! Each boxed set includes four different cards with three of each card. Priced at $12.95. Makes a wonderful gift!
Photo Note Cards
A beautiful 4x6 print mounted on a 5x7 ivory notecard. Sold individually or as five card sets. Suitable for mailing or framing
Book Marks
Six of the Grace Notes photos and text are also available as bookmarks, Priced at 2/ $1.50 while they last!
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