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Our mission is to inspire, encourage, and celebrate people everywhere.

Dear Deborah, I received a box of your cards as a gift from a dear friend and colleague. They are beautiful and very inspiring!!!  I just wanted you to know that. God's blessings be upon you and your art work. Elvia Deborah, I recently received a card from a friend and on the back was this email address.  I would like to know how to order more of your beautiful cards. Pamela Deborah, Your stationery products are so artistic and creative. I hope the Tulip Time Festival was successful for you! Norma Dear Deb,      I have been using your Spirit Sent note cards for about three years now. During this time I have discovered a variety of ways in which to use them. And as you well know, I keep an adequate supply.      “This is the day” and “Whatsoever things are lovely” are two of my favorites that I just can’t be without. I use these cards for almost any special occasion: birthdays, anniversaries, weddings, graduations, house warmings, etc. They are suitable for celebrating and acknowledging events in the lives of my relationships.      Because I am a minister with a focus on grief counseling, I find myself ending my counseling sessions with the words on one of your Spirit Sent cards – “Hold to His hand, God’s unchanging hand.” So now I actually give my new counselees that card as a reminder to encourage them and eventually pass it on to someone they might like to encourage.      My most recent discovery was a new way to use the “Lilies of the field” card. As I mentor teen girls through my “Beauty Inside Out Program,” my goal is for them to become lilies – “ladies in the Lord in every situation.” So I give them these cards as a way of encouraging them as they matriculate through school, a reminder of who they are. I recently gave it to a high school graduate at her trunk party and she loved it.      The use of your beautiful birthday and thank you cards is obvious. But I am constantly amazed at the versatility of your Spirit Sent collection! Minister Gloria

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About Our Products
I attempt to capture whatever I see in nature that makes me catch my breath and say, “Wow, I like that!” Hoping that others will enjoy what I saw, I use those photos to create note cards. Note cards to inspire, to encourage, to celebrate the joy in life. Our products are printed in the U.S., using American made papers and supplies.
Grace Notes
Beautiful landscape and flower photos are paired with inspiring words of scripture and hymns to makes note cards for any occasion! Each boxed set includes four different cards with three of each card. Priced at $12.95. Makes a wonderful gift!
Photo Note Cards
A beautiful 4x6 print mounted on a 5x7 ivory notecard. Sold individually or as five card sets. Suitable for mailing or framing
Book Marks
Six of the Grace Notes photos and text are also available as bookmarks, Priced at 2/ $1.50 while they last!
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